Why is Blank Page Vision™ Important?

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When it comes to Blank Page Vision, the world is divided into haves and have-nots. For example, a novelist has it; a copy-editor does not. “It” is the ability to start with a blank page and create something of value. I believe the review/edit process is critical for a good final product, but value originates with the creators.

In the world of finance, creativity is rarely a top requirement in a job description. Marketing? Yes! Sales? Yes! Finance? No! Accounting? Definitely Not! I think that is a mistake. Accounting starts with “debits on the left, credits on the right”, conservatism, and GAAP. Then Finance adds modeling, metrics, and more. I am a CPA with an MBA. I love the rules. I live by the rules. I find it exciting and challenging that every business – yes, EVERY business – needs good accounting.

After the rules are followed, the debits and credits recorded, and the metrics calculated, it is time for reporting. This is where the creativity comes in. “Reporting” is about communication and can take many forms – spreadsheets, charts, graphs, maps, dashboards, memos, speeches. Great reporting uses a variety of methods to provide the recipient with actionable information. Great reporting doesn’t leave the recipient to figure out what happened, what changed, or what needs to be done. Great reporting is clear communication of on-point analysis. Great reporting is created with Blank Page Vision.

  • It is born out of curiosity and an ability to connect the dots.
  • It is creativity in what you analyze and how you communicate the results.
  • It is figuring out the good story – what you do well, what sets your business apart – and translating that message for your bankers or your investors or your customers.

Great reporting can transform your business. Every business deserves the valuable benefits of Blank Page Vision.

Does your business have it?